Stop big bank exploitation of local authorities

Help put an end to the exploitation of local authorities by big banks: support the #NoLOBOs crowdfunder We’re excited to share that the #NoLOBOs campaign is going strong. Last year, we provided support for residents objecting to risky and expensive LOBO loans in 18 local authorities. This summer, we aim to double that number and […]

LOBO loans Documentary

In 2015, Debt Resistance UK research using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) helped Channel 4 Dispatches produce the documentary: “How Councils Blow Your Millions”  which looked at risky and potentially unlawful LOBO loans between banks and councils like the London Borough of Newham. Join Debt Resistance UK to watch excerpts from C4 Dispatches, and for a discussion on LOBO […]

LOBO loan Hackday

Debt Resistance UK needs your help to investigate LOBO loans! Join us for a HackDay dedicated to gathering, analysing and making accessible data on how banks have been fleecing the public via toxic loans to Councils. So far we’ve uncovered that Councils in the UK have fallen prey to over £15bn of unfair loans from banks like […]

Blockupy the Banks!

Smash ideological Austerity On Budget Day 2015 18 March 2015 – assembling 2pm St Pauls London Today as George Osborne delivers another austerity budget, transferring bank debts to the shoulders of the working poor, EU elites will gather in Frankfurt for the opening of the new European Central Bank (ECB) building. Debt Resistance UK are […]

Solidarity with Aylesbury Estate

DebtResistanceUk has undersigned the solidarity statement below which can be also found here. If you, as a Southwark resident, or a local community group, would like to add your name to the list of supporters, please let them know as soon as you can – if you are a resident, all you need to do is say is […]

Power, Hope and Delusion

We have witnessed in the past year across Europe the consolidation and strengthening of political parties claiming to be the institutional arm of the fight against neoliberalism. On one side their rise has given hope to many suffering under the harsh measures of the austerity programmes, but on the other it has created the delusion […]