From PFI contracts that make hospitals three times as expensive as public funding would, to the bubble in the housing sector, from graduates’ average debt burdens of £44,000, to unpayable energy bills …debt affects all aspects of our lives.

Be it private, national or local government, debt is one of the neoliberal system’s most powerful tools to discipline us.

But together, we can overcome the shame attached and the idea that you need to be an expert to understand what is happening.

Together we can start building strategies for resistance.

As part of Occupy London’s New Putney Debates, Debt Resistance UK organised an evening of discussion to hear more, share stories on debt and explore possibilities for collective action.


Introducting DebtResistanceUK – Vica Rogers


Payday Loans – Carl Packman


Household Energy Debt – Clare Welton


Housing Debt – Mary Robertson


NHS Debt – Helen Mercer


Local Government Debt – Joel Benjamin


National Debt – Jonathan Stevenson


Student Debt – Fanny Malinen


Open discussion