Smash ideological Austerity On Budget Day 2015

18 March 2015 – assembling 2pm St Pauls London

Today as George Osborne delivers another austerity budget, transferring bank debts to the shoulders of the working poor, EU elites will gather in Frankfurt for the opening of the new European Central Bank (ECB) building.

Debt Resistance UK are marking the occasion by reminding the City of London that we have not forgotten who caused this mess, but are yet to pay for it!

Fanny Malinen from Debt Resistance UK said:
“Not only are our politicians protecting the interests of the financial sector at the expense of the public in Britain, London-based banks also have a long history of reckless lending around the world. Debt crises have destroyed economies in the global South since 1980s through very similar mechanisms that are now impoverishing the people of Greece, with too big to fail British banks wielding enormous power as creditors.”

Activists will assemble 2pm at the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral 18 March and depart for undisclosed City of London location(s) in solidarity with planned Blockupy actions in Frankfurt.

For details see and follow #blockupy #18M


Seven years after the financial meltdown, the 1% are richer than ever. For the rest of us, the crisis is far from over: we’re still paying for the bank bail-outs with cuts to healthcare, education and social care. While housing bubbles and top earners’ wage inflation create the illusion of recovery, most of us are unemployed or have part-time jobs and wages that are stagnant or in decline.

Contrary to what politicians and compliant media would have us believe, UK unemployment is not the fault of immigrants.

Banks and financial institutions based in London have a long history of reckless lending that has devastated economies and societies across the globe. Famously; Goldman Sachs fiddled Greece’s accounts to enter the Eurozone, precipitating a humanitarian disaster and the deepest economic recession since the 1930’s.

Today, George Osborne delivers his fifth austerity budget to drive Britain even deeper into poverty, whilst Tory donors at HSBC  avoid legal consequences for systematic tax evasion and fraud.

As European elites gather in Frankfurt to celebrate a flashy new headquarters of the secretive, undemocratic European Central Bank, they will be met by a blockade formed of thousands of activists from across Europe.

In London, we will connect the dots between ideological austerity, both at home and abroad, paying a visit to the square mile financiers who caused the crisis, and continue to profit from it to this day.

Join us!

For further information please contact Joel Benjamin on 07429637423